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How can we better support families setting up charities ‘in memoriam’

20th February, 2019 | By Tom Hoyle

For four years a discussion paper has circulated within Cause4 that grapples with how best to serve charities forged in tragedy. We’ve publishing a distilled version of this analysis to shed light on a collection of charities (who are strangers to each other) which we consider rather special for society for their compelling messages but also their extra vulnerability. 


Cause4's December Pick of the Month

2nd December, 2019 | By Naomi Chapman

Somehow, we’ve reached our final Pick of the Month for 2019. Where has the year gone? 

We’ve saved some phenomenal work across the charity sector for our final Pick of the Month of the year, so heat up some mulled wine and scroll on… 


Social Entrepreneur of the Month: Alex Stephany – Beam


Public Trust in Fundraising Methods Falls: What Can Charities Do?

15th July, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

The recent Charity Commission Report into public trust and confidence in charities has shown that the overall level of trust and confidence that the public has in charities has fallen to the lowest level since the report began in 2005, a decrease from 6.7 to 5.7 out of 10.

Break it Down: How Charities Approach the Insurmountable

1st July, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

The Cause4 office is often a forum for lively debate: from football results to politics, we can always find some topical issue to challenge each other on. However, as our recent Brexit blog showed, the team is unanimous on the unequivocally negative effects of Brexit on the UK charity sector.

Charities Aid Foundation UK Giving 2015 Report

30th June, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has recently published its latest 2015 UK Giving Report, which acts as a great temperature-check for charitable giving in the UK. As always, there are some essential facts and figures for everyone to factor into their fundraising strategies. The ones that caught my eye as an arts and cultural charity specialist were as follows:

The Reality of Brexit for the Charitable Sector

28th June, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

The outcome of the historical EU Referendum has sent Europe (as well as our Facebook newsfeeds) into a frenzy, as the UK's future appears more uncertain than ever. As our Twitter poll suggested in May, Brexit has become a reality, meaning our economy and professional environment - not least the charitable sector - face inevitable change.

Fintech is making Pennies count in the UK charity sector

15th June, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

This article is authored by Alison Hutchinson CBE who is the CEO of Pennies, the digital charity box.

squareBack in 2013, Cause4 recommended that the Pennies’ way of giving to charity should ‘become everyday practice, with the option of rounding-up being available each time a purchase is made.

Young People in the Arts - Better Lives: the Social Impact of the Arts

7th June, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Today, creative and cultural organisations across the UK are increasingly investing their time and money in engagement and learning work. This involves taking work out of conventional spaces like galleries or auditoriums and into the communities surrounding them, inviting access from new audiences and breaking down barriers to participation.

A Home-Run Approach to Donor Stewarding

31st May, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

How does your organisation view your donors? Our “close friends of the charity” and “generous supporters” might well be how we publically refer to them, but are we treating them well enough?

Our prospects are people we likely approach with our nicest smiles and most considerate ears. However, when they become donors, we seem to transition into comfort zone far too quickly. We no longer email as often, if at all, and assume that they’ll stick around with the kind of dedication parents do at the side-lines of their offspring’s amateur sport competitions.

Friends or foe? The benefits of collaboration in fundraising

26th May, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Reading the line ‘still only able to fund 1 in 10 applications that are submitted’ (Paul Hamlyn Foundation) from Kathryn Worthington's Blog sends shivers down my spine when it comes to applying for funding from Trusts and Foundations. There are too many good applications being sent to Trust and Foundations which simply cannot support them.

So what does this mean in terms of our friends and foes in the arts fundraising world?

An interview with Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent

13th May, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Clare-McCullaghThe Centre for Philanthropy was founded in 2008 and is one the UK's leading centres for philanthropy research, teaching and public engagement. I was delighted to be able to interview Dr Beth Breeze, the Director of the Centre, in March 2016.

An interview with Dorothy Wilson of mac birmingham

12th May, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Rosy-Ross-I ask the Artistic Director and CEO at mac birmingham about the scope for city-wide strategic partnerships and how cultural organisations are stronger together.