Cause4 Responses to COVID-19

31st March, 2020

As you may have seen in the last couple of weeks, Cause4 and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy have been putting in place programmes to help charities and arts organisations amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To ensure you haven’t missed support for your organisation at this time, we’ve created an overview of these programmes. This post will be updated regularly as we release more support. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you have any other ideas for how we can support the sector at this time.

  • Funder Updates: Cause4 and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy have collated a list of responses to COVID-19 from major grant funders in the UK, including changes to strategic priorities, processes or funds available. These lists are being updated regularly. Read the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy list here, or the Cause4 list here

  • Emergency Power Hours: Cause4 and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy are offering free, one-hour Power Hours for charities and arts organisations needing help with their response to COVID-19. This help comes from our senior consultants, or from one of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy’s expert trainers. We’ve seen an enormous take up of these slots, but you can still sign up here (for Cause4) or here (for Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy). 
  • Virtual Networks Funding: for the first time ever, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy’s Network funding was opened to Virtual Networks. See which projects bringing fundraisers together virtually we have funded here
  • Ticket Refund to Donation Guidance: Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has worked with Arts Council England to release guidance for arts organisations that are encouraging ticket holders to change their booking to a donation. This covers your legal duties, GDPR, and messaging advice. Read the guidance here
  • Fundraising Communications Advice: Cause4 CEO Michelle Wright has written advice for arts organisations on communications strategies, published in Arts Professional. This advice covers how to maximise fundraising in an appropriate way, during and beyond the crisis. Read it here.
  • Virtual Support and TrainingCause4's expert trainers are offering one-day virtual support including Business Planning in a Day, Fundraising Strategy in a Day, and Reimagining Strategies Post Covid-19. Read more here. 
  • Now, New & Next: the Cause4 and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy teams have published the latest edition of our magazine, Now, New & Next. The whole issue focusses on fundraising at times of crises, and is full of guidance to help your organisation weather the storm.

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