Michelle writes for trainingZONE

7 January 2019

Tom Corley, whose list of best-selling books includes ‘Rich Habits’, ‘Change your Habits, Change your Life; and ‘Rich Habits, Poor Habits’, spent five years studying self-made millionaires.  What he found is that success couldn’t be attributed to a good start in life, loving support from family and friends or even hard work. Of course, all that helps, but the single biggest element that connected the successful people he met was their commitment to reading.  In fact, 86% of the successful people he met said they read - books, articles, blogs, journals.  And 63% listened to audiobooks during their daily commute.  But how can people seemingly as busy as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama find time to sit down and read?  Welcome to the Five Hour Rule.


Michelle writes for WeAreTheCity

2 January 2019

As an entrepreneur of a small growing business I often get asked how I find the energy to do what’s needed.

It’s not something I can answer easily and fundamentally it’s the wrong question.  As Cause4 is coming up to its tenth anniversary, having employed hundreds of staff and graduates, it’s clear that physical energy levels often aren’t the issue.  Like all SMEs, it’s more likely that mental health is the area that needs our focus.  A truly sustainable business is one that prioritises mental health.


Emerging Chairs – New Dates Announced for 2019!

19 December 2018

2018 saw the return of our Emerging Chairs Programme supporting Trustees in the next step to become a Chair. With another successful year for the programme we are thrilled to announce new dates for 2019!

Governance and Trustees

Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter - December 2018

17 December 2018

The end of the year is nearly upon us so check out our final Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter of 2018 - in the December edition we look back at some of the year's successes and update you with the latest news, course details and Trustee vacancies opening up in 2019.

Governance and Trustees

Cause4's Christmas Newsletter 2018!

13 December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close we hope that you are all planning a great break over the festive period! Here are our 2018 highlights as well as some exciting news and updates for the year to come.

Trustee Leadership Programme – New Dates Announced for 2019!

10 December 2018

Trustee Leadership Programme – New Dates Announced for 2019!

With 2018 coming to an end, we have been reflecting on another very successful year for the Trustee Leadership Programme and are thrilled to announce new dates for 2019!

Michelle Writes for Startups.co.uk

3 December 2018

Everything you need to know about Mindspace

This summer, Cause4 moved into new premises – a Mindspace shared office in the heart of the City of London. For us, it was more than an office move – it was the end result of an exploration into how our company wants to operate, where we get our inspiration from, and how we think the future is going to unfold. 

Culture change
Idea generation
Partnership development

Michelle writes for Arts Professional

30 November 2018

The elephant in the room – should Trustees be obliged to give?

Should Trustees on arts boards always be expected to give a donation, as is commonly the case in the US? Michelle weighs up the pros and cons of this thorny issue.

Governance and Trustees
Fundraising implementation

Michelle writes for Charities Management magazine

30 November 2018

Arts Charities and Fundraising Ethics

Fundraising is hard enough without having to turn down sponsors who want to give charities money. Yet, according to the recent Arts Professional Ethics survey, more than 70% of arts organisation employees feel that their employer is at reputational risk through association with a sponsor or major donor whose own reputation is subject to criticism. 

Governance and Trustees
Fundraising strategy

Michelle Writes for Arts Professional

18 October 2018

How to . . . Develop a Fundraising Strategy 

What would the ideal fundraising strategy look like? Michelle Wright discusses the key elements - from inspiring donors with creative content, to keeping tactics simple.

Fundraising strategy

Michelle writes for Fleximize's Knowledge Hub

16 October 2018

How SMEs Can Benefit From the Gig Economy

Michelle Wright explores the benefits of SMEs turning to the gig economy for a permanent solution that can support innovation and deliver quality to clients

Michelle Writes for Family Friendly Working

1 October 2018

SHOULDERING IT ALL – What Happens When A Business Owner Can’t Work

When I broke my shoulder in June this year, the reality of running my business and looking after two sons under the age of three, as a single parent, hit hard

Michelle comments for Gazprom on cost-saving tips to boost business cashflow

9 August 2018

Owners and experts’ cost-saving tips to boost your business’ cashflow
Having a continuous cashflow coursing through the business is essential to sustaining its day-to-day activities, whether you’re a start-up or a globally-renowned business.

Michelle writes for Museums and Heritage

6 August 2018

Funding the Museum: does it matter whose money we take?

The outrage surrounding the Design Museum’s decision to host a private event organised by defence contractor Leonardo as part of the Farnborough Air Show has put its current temporary exhibition Hope to Nope in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. When more than 30 artists and designers demanded their work be removed from display, the sentiment behind Design Museum’s exhibition, which celebrates political protest, seemed hypocritical at best and, to some, an example of exploiting the political zeitgeist without respecting the art itself.

Cause4 is recruiting a Senior Consultant

16 July 2018

Senior Consultant - Arts, Heritage or Community/Education



Senior Consultant - Arts, Heritage or Community/Education (part-time or full-time options available)




Chief Executive