Be a Chair

3 December 2020 to 10 December 2020

Designed to support Trustees to take the leadership step into Chair roles, this practical course gives participants the confidence to know how to take on this key leadership role within a charity and how to develop effective boards.

Who is this for?

This course is aimed at those individuals looking to be a Chair of an arts, culture or heritage organisation. Participants should already have experience as a charity Trustee.

You will learn:

  • The key skills needed to effectively Chair a charitable organisation

  • The legal and financial responsibilities of a Chair
  • How to manage the dynamic between Trustees and staff, getting the best out of your workforce and your board
  • How best to network and share learning experiences with other established trustees
  • Exploring the key challenges of being a Chair and how to effectively overcome them


As part of Cause4's Trustee Leadership Programme, participants on Be a Trustee or Be a Chair are now able to receive certification from, and membership of, the Institute of Leadership & Management.


The Trustee Leadership Programme is Approved at the Associate level, allowing you to showcase your commitment to continuing professional development and leadership skills.


Membership of the Insitute of Leadership & Management allows you:

  • to develop your own leadership capability through the award winning e-learning platform MyLeadership
  • to enhance your reputation and boost your career progression (with the option to use AMInstLM after your name)
  • to share and learn from a community of over 30,000 likeminded members


The cost of certification and membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management is £60 + Eventbrite fees. Your membership will last for one year after the completion of the Be a Trustee / Be a Chair Programme.


This cost is in addition to the Be a Trustee ticket price. Please only book an Institute of Leadership & Management registration if you have an upcoming booking for the Be a Trustee Programme.

This course will be delivered virtually via Zoom in two separate 2.5 hour sessions. The first of these will take place on the 3rd December 2020 10-12.30 / the second will take place on the 10th December  2020 10-12.30. Both of these are necessary to complete the full training. If you have any questions about how this day will run virtually please get in touch with Sarah at



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