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28 November 2017 | By Cause4 staff

As always, in the build up to Christmas there is a frenzy of activity. Christmas adverts and Black Friday are doing their best to make sure that our spirit of giving/purchasing is as strong as ever – but charity campaigns are also joining these efforts. We’ve just had BBC Children in Need, the Poppy Appeal and we’re edging towards the end of Movember; but don’t forget the annual event of Giving Tuesday taking place today!

Having landed on our shores in 2014, Giving Tuesday is now one of the biggest days for charities in the UK, with millions being raised. The campaign is all about doing good, in all its varieties, including donating and fundraising. In 2016, PayPal (through Giving Tuesday) broke the record for the most amount of money donated to charity online in 24 hours ($48m globally). [1]

This incredible figure was thanks to international recognition for Giving Tuesday, with big name figures such as Richard Branson showing their support:

“Nothing quite like the gift of giving. When you see its impact, it’s the best feeling in the world #givingtuesday”[2]

Some highlights from 2016 included:

  • Morrisons encouraging customers to add £1 on to their bill as a donation to Sue Ryder Hospice Care
  • Marie Curie repeating their annual thank-you campaign, which saw staff taking time to write letters to supporters
  • eBay opening a special ‘do good’ shop online and pop-up shop in London – with profits going to charity[3]

There are over 1,600 organisations and charities supporting Giving Tuesday this year, but the spirit of the event encourages us all to support a good cause, whatever that may be.

That’s part of the reason why we’re so supportive of the idea here at Cause4. It’s a great opportunity for us all to see and feel the impact that our generosity can have when we come together.

Reflecting on this, here are a few words from the team on Giving Tuesday:

Annie: Labelled as the UK’s number 1 Twitter Trend, there is no doubt that Giving Tuesday has taken the use of digital media in its stride – connecting thousands of people across the country (and the world) and making them feel a part of something bigger. By galvanising the masses in a celebration of good will, Giving Tuesday enables us to carve out some much-needed time to look beyond our own self-interests, unite with others, and truly make a difference. This year, I will be giving my time to a cause close to my heart – Cause Corps is a fantastic way for busy people to donate their time, do something worthwhile, and feel a sense of belonging!

Louisa: I have come to learn that a charity’s success is often linked to their ability to be entrepreneurial and innovative when it comes to income generation. #givingtuesday is great as it capitalises on the huge fame of Black Friday, and tries to turn public sentiment towards charitable donations – this has worked as the day has become one of the biggest charity days in the UK! This #givingtuesday I will be donating to Choose Love, an initiative which allows buyers to purchase symbolic gifts such as meal ingredients, hygiene kits, or a waterproof tent, with the proceeds being used to give such items directly to refugees!

Ed: Giving Tuesday is one of the few occasions where you really see charities, donors and businesses operating on the same page. At a time when fundraising is becoming increasingly regulated, it’s a great chance to remind ourselves of the simplicity and variety of giving. This year I’ll be supporting WWF’s campaign to protect elephants, after their powerful Christmas advert caught my eye.

Emily: Amid the wave of Christmas adverts beginning to saturate our screens, ‘tis certainly the season to give. But Giving Tuesday reminds us that giving isn’t just about consumerism, and in light of its success year on year in taking the World Record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours, it’s definitely an effective way to increase charities’ income as the year draws to a close. One particularly effective way of giving this Tuesday is The Christmas Challenge, whereby any donation you give to a charity participating on the scheme from 12pm on Giving Tuesday until 12pm the following week will have twice the impact: your donation will be doubled. If everyone gives just a little this Tuesday, we can all make a big difference.

Share your thoughts about Giving Tuesday with us, or tell us which campaign you'll be supporting today, by Tweeting us @OfficialCause4.




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