Trustee Leadership Programme for the UK’s Leading Businesses and Charities

Are you looking to develop your business’ CSR strategy or personal development opportunities? Do you want to keep employee engagement and satisfaction high?

If so, the Trustee Leadership Programme is for you! Sign up today to help employees develop their leadership skills, gain Board-level experience and strengthen the resilience of UK charities.

A unique course that covers the key responsibilities of Trustees, governance and strategic planning, charity finance and fundraising, with benefits like no other:

  • It gives your employees the skills and confidence that they need to join a charity as a Board member;
  • It includes insight from senior charity experts, bridging the gap between charities and businesses;
  • It links your employees with charities seeking Trustees, through the unique Charity Matching Service;
  • It offers a full accreditation through the Institute of Leadership Management, ongoing support and access to free resources and alumni events; and
  • It feeds directly into Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement initiatives.

“10/10 because there is not a 10+!”

Cristiane S, ViiV Healthcare


11.00am-1.30pm: Modules 1 and 2

  • An overview of the charity sector and the importance of Trustees; and
  • Governance and strategic planning.

1:30pm-2.30pm: charity matching event

  • An exciting opportunity to meet charity leaders seeking new Trustees over a working lunch.

2.30pm-5.00pm: Modules 3 and 4

  • Financial management; and
  • An introduction to fundraising.


  • Courses delivered in London, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Over 867 professionals trained
  • Over 86% of survey respondents rate the course very good or excellent
  • 214 direct matches with charities
  • 67 confirmed Trustee appointments

Responsible Business – A Gap To Be Filled

The need for the Trustee Leadership Programme has never been more evident.

The importance for businesses:

  • 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company – YourCause
  • Employee productivity is boosted by 13% when staff are engaged in CSR efforts – Employee Volunteering
  • Staff turnover goes down by 50% when employees are engaged in CSR programmes – YourCause

The problem for charities:

  • There are over 160,000 charities in the UK. ⅓ of them are seeking new Trustees, yet ¼ face difficulties recruiting
  • Individuals steer away from the idea of being a Trustee because of lack of understanding and fear of getting it wrong

Benefits to Your Company

Follow the lead of companies such as Barclays, Google, Credit Suisse and Mischon de Reya that have encouraged Trusteeship due to the skills and insight gained on Boards:

  • Offer an exciting opportunity for employees to help you retain the best talent in the industry
  • Develop and retain the best talent, with employees gaining skills in leadership, strategic thinking, fundraising and financial management
  • Give your employees the chance to network, build connections and gain new skills to bring back into the workplace
  • Hit your CSR targets and establish your company as an ethical and responsible organisation, engaging those who are attracted by values led companies
  • Ensure a happy and productive workforce, reducing staff turnover and improving productivity

Professional Development Through Trusteeship – Personal Perspectives

“Employers will benefit from having a wider pool of people able to step up to the boardroom. Too many UK boardrooms still lack real diversity. This route could be a great way to accelerate the development of more people from diverse backgrounds.”

Ann Francke, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute

“It is incredibly fulfilling and has broadened my skill set, networks and contacts within the industry. You will benefit professionally, whatever your profession is.”

Deepak Arora, lawyer at Axiom Law, Trustees of Shivia

“A new Trustee will gain many skills outside their day job, which will enhance their employability and they will bring these skills back into their day jobs. It will broaden their experience and networks, and they will get a sense of satisfaction that they are contributing to society.”

Ian Joseph, Director of Russam GMS

Upcoming Courses:

Your employees are welcome on all of our available programmes, however we are also able to deliver bespoke training anywhere in England. If you would like us to come to you and deliver a bespoke session with your employees, do get in touch to tell us about your needs.


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