Awards & Testimonials


Thanks you to you all at Cause4.  It’s been a great (Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy) programme and has made a genuine and long term difference to Artswork and our approach to fundraising.

Many thanks to Cause4 for providing Writers’ Centre Norwich and Christie Johnson with such a fantastic opportunity and with such amazing support. We have all learned lots, we have achieved lots, and we have raised lots.

My Chair and I were impressed by the initiative (Close Brothers Trustee Leadership Programme), it’s such a great idea.

Aleema Shivji - CEO, Handicap International

The Close Brothers Trustee Leadership Programme is a fantastic course run by the Cause4 team. The Matching format is great. Would highly recommend.

JP - Financial Derivatives Adviser

“I just wanted to thank you again for your absolutely inspiring talk and efforts on the Close Brothers Trustee Leadership Programme last night. You and Tom were so very insightful and empowering. It was a great launch and I am really excited about the rest of it.”

Katie Coles, Associate - Private Capital, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

“The course was informative, enjoyable, covering plenty of ground in just one day without feeling rushed at all. It came at a crucial time in our planning and thinking as a development team and was a very welcome pause for thought.

Michelle was a brilliant facilitator and it was a real benefit to hear about her experiences across the sector. As well as sharing her knowledge, she also ensured we as participants were able to learn from each other, a hugely valuable part of any training.

Most tellingly of all, the course has stimulated plenty of discussion, ideas and planning on my return to the office – all in all a day very well spent!”

Jane Reynolds, Development Manager, Manchester International Festival

“It’s been a fantastic year and wonderful to be involved with the Fellowship programme. We really couldn’t have asked for more, Sandie is an outstanding fundraiser, an entrepreneurial spirit and a great team worker and we wish her all the best at Camden where I’m certain she will excel.

Thanks to you both for inviting us to join the first year of the programme, and good luck with the next. Hopefully we’ll work together again at some point down the line.”

Kathryn Simpson, Strategic Relations Manager, Whitechapel Gallery - on the AFP Fellowship Programme

“I found the session with Michelle inspiring and hugely informative. It was so helpful to have an overview of current trends plus lots of examples of what has worked for others. There is lots of training available in fundraising but I have found it hard to find specific training relevant to arts organisations. I came away with very practical ideas and new ways of thinking.”

Carrie Carruthers, Development Manager, The Spark Arts for Children

“Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett was outstanding – what a superb, motivating talk… Sir Thomas energised the day superbly”

Feedback from Trustees and CEOs at the Trustee Exchange event.

“It has been a huge pleasure working with you. Your leadership of the board and of the whole organisation in the wake of the previous NPO was extraordinary and inspiring.”

Christopher Fox, Composer, re: Michelle Wright Chairing Sound and Music

“That was a remarkably successful day. Thank you for the great skill, humour, expertise and efficiency with which you ran the Away Day. I count myself very fortunate to be working with you. And it’s incredible to think that what was considered impossible a year ago, could be achieved within the space of a day.”

Jo Glanville - Director, English PEN

“At a time when Government grants are being cut and funding is becoming ever harder to come by, organisations like Cause4 play a vital role. The judges were hugely impressed by Michelle Wright’s passion for revolutionising the third sector, her unstinting commitment to Cause4, and her ability to create a business which is ethical, sustainable and profitable, all at the same time.”

Steph Welstead, editor of on Michelle Wright being named Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

“A first class wonderful report.”

Chair, Just for Kids Law

“I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the Association of European Conservatoires conference in the Hague. It was incredibly inspirational, motivating and thought provoking. You set a very high bar for the other speakers who had to present that day!”

Quinton Morris, Music Director Seattle University on Michelle Wright's key-note speech AEC Conference the Hague

“Over the years our Community has had its fair share of visits by consultants, inspectors, auditors, investigators, etc and we have learned to read these visitors according to their ability to communicate with and to hear our residents.

It was humbling to witness your ability to listen, to grasp the deeper levels and to find ways of expressing these. Most of all it was through your way of working with a group of people – with very mixed abilities of understanding – that everyone was able to feel engaged and responsible. I believe that something special will come out of this work together.”

Silvia Shinn, Social Entrepreneur, Apt Creations

“Our shared thinking and business planning have made quantum leaps because of the disciplined way that you are making us join things up which is what we really needed to do even if we weren’t looking for funds. So, thank you.”

Maureen McCulloch, Director of Finance, The Reading Agency
Thank you for your patient, dynamic, stimulating and punctual convening yesterday at AAM. You did a brilliant job as no doubt dozens of us have said.

“The £20,000 of core grants alongside the business plan you prepared, has helped us to persuade a range of supporters that we have a clear direction worth investing in. These funds have helped this organisation to bridge a time of real vulnerability and personally your help has allowed me to sleep at night without worry. Thank you!”

Phil Hallett, Chief Executive, Coda

“I know from first-hand experience the energy and knowledge Cause4 bring to projects and programmes across the charity sector. They are just as happy working at grass roots level as supporting a vision for innovative events in the corporate world. Cause4 is a great new venture for arts and sports organisations alike.”

Zoe Hughes, Vice President, Events Manager at Macquarie Bank

“The Voices Foundation engaged Cause4 to undertake a feasibility study to look into the development of our new resource Inside Music into a national online resource. The final document was a very impressive and thorough piece of work which has been much appreciated by the Trustees of The Voices Foundation. This study now provides us with a clear and comprehensive picture of existing online educational resources and also offers us a number of ideas in terms of what direction we should now take.

Cause4’s work has enabled The Voices Foundation to enter a new chapter in its history which, hopefully, will give us the resource to become a truly national music education charity.”

Nicola Wallis, CEO, Voices Foundation

“As a charity that deals in questioning everyday we know how important it is to ask the right question. Cause4 is expert in asking the right questions for fundraising to move you forward and develop your proposals. The support was personalised and specific, helping us apply strategies to a particular proposal and helping our proposals stand out.”

Emma Worley, COO and Co-Founder The Philosophy Foundation

“Cause4 has had a transformational effect on the Festival, at the level of innovation in organisational development, as well as in fundraising.”

Chris Martin, Trustee of Salisbury International Arts Festival

“Cause4′s advice, support and input proved invaluable as was their ability to work with us to meet very tight deadlines. We welcome challenge and are open to new ideas so this was a real benefit to the organisation as a whole. Cause4′s ability to be flexible and to be in tune with our goals and expectations enabled strong partnership working. We were very impressed with the all members of the team who had the right balance of support and challenge.”

Diane Rivaud, Head of Leicestershire Schools’ Music Services

“Michelle has shown herself to be a vital force in fundraising – she has demonstrated aptitude, ability and achieved success well beyond her   experience which we celebrate with this National Fundraising Award.”

Jon Scourse, Chief Executive, Fundraising Standards Board on Michelle Wright being awarded the Best Emerging Fundraiser award at the National Fundraising Awards.