What We Do

Strategy, Fundraising and Social Investment

Cause4 works in partnership with organisations looking at fundraising and development as a whole.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that any challenges surrounding income generation are often more obviously rooted in the development of effective policies, partnerships and programmes.

We therefore work in the first instance on innovation at an organisational level – making sure that programmes, policies and partnerships are distinctive and simple and will stand the best chance of fundraising success.

Our core work in strategy and fundraising includes:

1. Strategy, business planning and partnership development

  • Organisational development;
  • Developing business and feasibility plans;
  • Developing high-impact campaigns and programmes;
  • Brokering and implementing partnership collaborations between private sector, public sector, charities and social enterprises.

2. Fundraising and communications

  • Developing appropriate fundraising strategies and action plans;
  • Delivering and implementing fundraising, including bid writing, major donor development and associated evaluation strategies;
  • Advising charities and businesses on sponsorship and CSR approaches and strategies;
  • Developing and implementing fundraising communications strategies, including viral and digital campaigns, public affairs and stakeholder management and media relations.

Additionally we are frequently asked to work with charities in developing new models of income generation. We have a new expertise and service in social investment funding that includes:

3. Social investment

  • Advising on social investment models including grant funding, equity, loan/equity and other social investment models;
  • Preparation of supporting bid paperwork and business plans;
  • Advising on evaluation and communications strategies.