What We Do


Many artists, sports people and entrepreneurs already contribute a great deal charitably – through donations, time and appearances. Many have set up their own foundations; others are just at the start of their journey. Similarly a new vision in corporate CSR is leading to the set up of foundations as a tax-efficient and dynamic way to manage charitable programmes that are on brand.

We recognise that charitable giving is most satisfying when individuals or corporates give to projects and programmes that personally matter. However, charitable giving can be bewildering, complex and demanding, both in terms of finances and of time. For those new to charitable giving, it’s difficult to know where to start; for those whose giving is underway, it’s not always easy to know whether it’s achieving the strongest, sustainable results.

Our Service

Cause4 has developed a new service to support top artists, sports people and entrepreneurs to develop their charitable giving. We also work with a number of corporate foundations to develop their programmes and support their fundraising.

Complementing the work of legal and financial advisors, our service is a professional, hassle-free ‘one-stop shop’ to define, develop and deliver charitable giving.

Our unique offer also goes much further than merely offering advice. Not only will we develop new projects or programmes tailored to individuals’ or a corporates interests, we will also develop fundraising potential, aiming to quadruple an initial investment. An individual choosing to donate £250,000, for instance, has an opportunity to see this sum multiply to £1million.

Who is the Service for?

We work with people and organisations that:

    • Know they want to give but don’t know where to start – we offer professional guidance to help shape thinking, give advice about tax-effective giving and the best kind of charitable programme development.
    • Have a clear idea about what they want to achieve charitably – we can design new, high-impact, long-term programmes tailored to their specifications and raise additional funds in partnership with other like-minded individuals and organisations.
    • Have already set up their own foundation – we can save time and trouble by helping to manage the foundation and by developing innovative programmes that can attract significant additional funding and deliver strong results.

Our unique partnership with the Philanthropy Foundation

Cause4 is aware that many philanthropically minded individuals or corporates are put off by the expense, hassle and administration of setting up their own Foundation. As such, Cause4 was instrumental in setting up the independent Philanthropy Foundation charity (reg: 1145808) in 2011. This unique entity which is run in partnership with Forsters LLP provides a straight-forward and cost-effective solution to enable individuals and corporates to progress their philanthropic work. To find out more about the Philanthropy Foundation click here.

Creating effective and impactful philanthropic programmes is at the heart of our work. If you are interested in learning more about our philanthropy services please contact Michelle Wright, CEO here.