Philanthropy Service

What does the Service Provide?

>> Develops significant, high-impact charitable programmes tailored to the personal vision of individuals.
>> Creates trusted partnerships with other like-minded individuals, corporations, charities and Government with a view to at least tripling the individual’s charitable donation
>> Generates excellent media attention that will enhance the reputations of individual artists and sports people in ways that will support their careers, whilst also encouraging others to start or developing their giving.
>> Gives the opportunity to use our own special ‘charity vehicle’ and provide a fund in the name of an individual as an alternative to setting up new foundations – saving time, ‘hassle’ and money.
>> Provides access to specialist legal and financial experts to advise about efficient and tax-effective giving.

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What is the Special ‘Charity Vehicle’?

To support the service, a new charity The Philanthropy Foundation has been set up as a vehicle for providing bespoke fund accounts in the names of individuals and their partners and for receiving charitable and commercial income ‘ring-fended’ for the individual projects or programmes for which it has been provided. The charity will also offer over-arching governance and administration and, in doing so, provides an alternative to setting up new trusts and foundations. This provision, in effect, removes all of the disproportionate burdens of cost, time and anxiety, while providing all of the benefits of separate independent charitable entities.

The new charity will be formally governed by a small group of experienced, high-level trustees, experts from a variety of relevant fields, who will ensure that any investment is spent well, sustainably and efficiently, in a cost-effective way and for the purposes for which it was received.

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Why Engage Cause4?

While there are many agencies, private banks and law firms providing good advice about philanthropic options for their clients, there is little professional expertise readily available to develop and deliver new charitable programmes and to raise additional funds. Our service is different in three ways:

>> Cause4 has a strong record in developing high-impact charitable programmes developed to personal specifications.
>> Cause4 has an extensive network of philanthropists, trusts and foundations and companies; our team of expert fundraisers has raised millions of pounds for charitable causes (helping to raise over £50m in the last five years).
>> Cause4‘s grasp of the arts, sport and charitable sectors is second to none – we have influence with opinion formers and Government to help make things happen and to build innovative partnerships.

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Contact Us

If you would like to find out more, and discuss our approach and costs we would be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail. Please contact

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