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Cause4′s Pick of the Month

Here at Cause4, we love to celebrate Charity Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Trustees and Fundraising Fellows who are making a real difference to people’s lives across the country. This month, our team were all inspired by leading women. Read about their innovative and creative work below:   Entrepreneur of the Month Cause4’s Entrepreneur of the Month for October is Joeli […]

Cause4′s Pick of the Month

Here at Cause4 we love to showcase the Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business Leaders and Fundraising Fellows who we believe are achieving greatness. Below are our picks for September:   Charity Leader of the Month Cause4 is delighted to announce that our Charity Leader of the Month is Jhon Marulanda, Chief Executive of the Latin American Disabled People’s Trust (LADPP). Latin […]

Cause4′s Pick of the Month

Welcome to our July picks, celebrating our monthly pick for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business Leaders and Fundraising Fellows. We’re delighted to announce a new selection of those people who we think deserve recognition for their immense contributions to the sector!   Entrepreneur of the Month Cause4 is delighted to announce that our Entrepreneur of the Month […]

Small Charity, Big Impact Day 2018: Cotswold Friends

Small Charity week is a chance for us to celebrate those small local charities making a difference to their communities. Having spent some of my childhood living in a rural Gloucestershire village, I thought it would be a great opportunity to promote one charity that is helping those who feel isolated, lonely and in much […]

Small Charity Fundraising: Why Size Really Doesn’t Matter

There are more than 145,000 charities registered with the Charity Commission that have an income under £500,000 each year. The annual income of these charities only accounts for about 10% of the income of the sector as a whole, but the impact that they have is phenomenal and punches well above their financial weight. Small charities are […]