Foreign Aid Spending

The UK has continued its commitment to spend 0.7% of Gross National Income on overseas development aid each year,[1] (The UN’s target for all developed countries in place since 1970), believing that this helps to build a ‘safer, healthier, more prosperous world for people in developing countries and in the UK’.[2] The UK first managed […]

Environmental Charities and Non-Profits: What Can They Achieve?

President Trump’s decision to bring America out of the Paris Climate Agreement sent shockwaves throughout the world.[1] The decision compounds the growing environmental concerns that worry many global citizens and governments who are concerned by the levels of environmental destruction and climate change. On a daily basis, 134m metric tons of greenhouse gases are emitted […]

The value of Values

To inspire loyalty, it is time that charities reprioritised communicating their values to the public.

A Better Way to Support Victims?

Recently the UK has had to cope with several tragic incidents which have shocked the country to its core – the attack at Manchester Arena, the attack on London Bridge and the Grenfell Tower disaster, to name but three. In the true spirit of generosity, the public response has been fantastic with campaigns such as […]

Capitalise on youth turnout to create social change

Can the changing face of politics shake up charitable involvement? As in 2016, this year has been no stranger to a political shake-up. With young people having discovered the power of the ballot box and contributing to June’s unexpected General Election result – their participation in the snap election was the highest for 25 years […]