Michelle Comments for HR Grapevine Magazine

In this article, HR Grapevine discusses why everyone, including leaders, should find a professional mentor to support their career progression.

In it, Michelle comments that the ‘disruptive’ nature of mentoring is important, saying:

“While it is important that the relationship be one of mutual respect – and where conversation and time spent together can be enjoyed – it is also very useful to be mentored by someone who works outside of your immediate industry – having a different background means that your worldview can be adapted.”

However, progress needs to be real, meaningful and measurable, Wright presses. “Mentors should help employees to produce action plans about where they want to take their careers and advise them on how to,” she says. “Established mentors can be more helpful than those who just follow softer “best practice” guidelines, the type that form the basis of more traditional mentoring programmes.”

You can read the full article here: