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Jekaterina Sarigina

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Vintage swing act, The NOW! Girls, combine three-piece vocal harmony, theatre, gypsy jazz rhythms and improvisations to tell a romantic and sassy story guaranteed to make audiences laugh and dance. The ensemble covers genres such as American woo-bee-do classics, French swing evergreens and re-imaginings of modern dance masterpieces. It is classic French Riviera holidays in a modern world, targeting private and corporate events in Europe and the Middle East. Jekaterina is a graduate of the Guildhall School’s Jazz Department and her music has taken her to jazz clubs across London, Nice, Paris and other European jazz festivals.

Anna Pool

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WorkshOPERA, founded in 2013 by then Guildhall students Anna Pool; James Garner; and Sarah Sweet, only performs and commissions new opera works. Through this, they aim to inspire, delight and challenge audience perceptions of what opera can be, whether they love, hate or are uninitiated to the genre. The result is bold, gripping and sometimes very eccentric opera. Their most recent production, Boys of Paradise, was a fully immersive nightclub opera by composer Vahan Salorian and hailed as ‘truly genre breaking.’

Ruth Mariner

Ruth Mariner

Gestalt Arts is a collective of opera-makers and visual artists creating new works in unusual spaces. Founded in 2012 by Guildhall Fellow Ruth Mariner, Gestalt matches emerging composers and librettists with exciting visual artists who usually would not get the opportunity to work within opera. To date, Gestalt has created productions for LSO Soundhub, Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, and an independent project at Peckham Asylum. It is, therefore, no surprise that Gestalt has been described as being ‘braver than the opera houses dare to be’ and was listed as no. 4 in Twenty Something London’s feature ‘Ten Reasons why Opera is no Longer Stuffy and Elitist.’

Fernando Machado

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Lambrego, led by alumnus Fernando Machado, is a World Music ensemble which writes, arranges and performs songs inspired by the Brazilian songwriting tradition. Whilst respecting the culture and drawing on the roots of Afro-Brazilian music, Lambrego also uses free improvisation and dynamic arrangements to challenge its boundaries. During a performance, audiences are treated to an unexpected but exciting experience of modern-day Brazilian music. Lambrego has already expanded with an early years programme for 0-5’s and their parents. They also have two independently released albums of original compositions.

Theresa Goble

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Professor of Vocal Studies Theresa Goble and performer Morag Mclaren founded Vox Integra three years ago to explore through interdisciplinary workshops, ways singers can liberate their voices, bodies and access their vocal imagination to release their creative potential whilst performing. The bespoke courses for both experienced and less experienced singers bring together all aspects of performing into one classroom and aims to empower and build the confidence of the singer through peer led learning and personal development. One of their current projects is Sunday Sing In, which is an introduction to solo singing and audition preparation course at the National Opera Studio for those considering applying for conservatoire study or wishing to develop general audition techniques.

Vincent Bruggeman

Vincent Burggeman

Lyribox.com was launched in November 2012 by Vocal Performance alumnus Vincent Bruggeman and strives to enhance the process of learning classical vocal repertoire by providing digital learning tools. Their philosophy is that, wherever you reside in the world, amateur or professional, if one wants to learn classical repertoire, the necessary help should be easily available. Learning aids are categorised into three areas. Under recordings, users can access high quality accompaniments, vocal lines and text recited by a vocal coach. Secondly, the manuscript section provides literal and literary text translations, biographies and digital sheet music available in any key. Finally, the video function allows singers to experience accompaniment and vocal lines with scrolling sheet music, and audio text with scrolling translation. Repertoire includes sacred music, opera and art song in English, French, Italian and German. In May 2015, the website won the Music Award at the 2015 Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise.

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