What We Do

Enterprise & Talent Development

Creating entrepreneurial business models and supporting charities to develop new methods of income generation, or social enterprises to be able to develop their charitable giving is a key aspect of our core work at Cause4.

However, as we grew as an organisation we faced the same challenges as all charities – that of recruiting excellent fundraising staff. The superb enterprising fundraising leader can be an elusive talent. Cause4 seeks to support the development of the talent and skills necessary for creating a dynamic and resilient charitable sector fit for the 21st century.

To enable us to create programmes of reach and scale, we have developed our own approach to developing talent in the charitable sector turning drive and ambition into strategic fundraising expertise, entrepreneurship and leadership for charities and social enterprises, including funder organisations and philanthropists.

The Cause4 model of talent development is experiential and stretching, giving participants extensive hands-on learning, mentoring and coaching, as well as access to a range of training opportunities focused on developing creativity, pro-activity, innovation and vision whilst being firmly rooted in best practice and ‘real life’ activity.

There are three main strands of our talent development programme:

  1. Cause4 Entrepreneurship programme
  2. Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Fellows
  3. Guildhall School of Music & Drama Creative Entrepreneurs

Cause4 Entrepreneurship

Cause4 Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial-minded graduates and school leavers with a drive to make a difference to charities and social enterprises.

All Cause4 Entrepreneurs are developed through an intensive 12 month programme working directly to meet real, challenging funding targets and to prepare each graduate for future leadership roles.

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Fellows

Funded by Arts Council England (ACE), the Arts Fundraising Fellowship Programme, the first of its kind in the UK, aims to create the next generation of leading Development Directors skilled with the vision, entrepreneurial expertise and ingenuity to make significant difference to the arts fundraising landscape. The programme recruits committed graduates from host organisations for a 12-month programme of hands-on learning. 55 Fellows have been supported to date, with 10 further Professional Fellowships due to start in Spring 2017.

All graduates participate in the University of Leeds Summer School course as well as a tailored schedule of training, mentoring and coaching.

Guildhall School of Music & Drama Creative Entrepreneurs

This scheme consists of an intensive 12-month programme for Guildhall School alumni and performing artists from across the UK and internationally with a pre-formed business idea. The scheme provides access to mentoring, coaching, business planning, marketing and sales and funding, as well as use of office and creative space for a 12 month period. Graduates are introduced to a range of entrepreneurial, community and partnership networks to support business development.

In addition, a programme of workshops and seminar activity is made available to graduates wanting to develop their knowledge of creative entrepreneurship and explore the creation of new initiatives. A series of seminars and monthly leadership events including core entrepreneurial management skills, such as customer development, digital development, sales, marketing, building teams, finance and pitching, will take place throughout the year.

The creation of over 30 new creative businesses has taken place over the last four years.

Recruitment and development

Graduates are recruited for their curiosity, ability to enquire, think and reflect independently, as well as for drive and ability to apply skills practicality. All strands of the development programmes aim to fast-track the graduate’s early career so that they can develop proven and effective business development knowledge and skills within twelve months.

If you are a graduate or school-leaver seeking a placement or an organisation interested in placing one of our graduates or apprentices please contact Michelle Wright, CEO here.