Cause4 LITE / Free Advice

We know that fundraising can seem a daunting prospect, especially in difficult times. It’s easy to lose confidence when in fact you’re doing everything right!  So we’ve created Cause4 LITE. This is our support service ‘in a box’, a chance for fresh eyes to look at how you are doing. For a day – or even half a day – we offer charities and social enterprises the benefit of an instant review, an MOT if you like, or the chance to scope out a campaign, project or concept, assess its potential for fundraising and outline the next steps for its development. Call, email or contact us now.

Similarly, if you have a proposal or idea on which you would welcome Cause4’s advice please call, email or contact us and we will be pleased to give you some initial feedback. Of course, we hope that this might lead to our working together, but if we don’t think we can help we will say so and make alternative suggestions.