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Cause4′s Pick of the Month

At Cause4, we are all about celebrating successful individuals to share their talents and innovative ideas with as many people as possible. As part of this, we decided to dedicate a blog to those people we feel have gone above and beyond. Each month we will be sharing our top picks for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business […]

Party manifestos ignore the potential of the charity sector

As the snap 8 June 2017 election draws near, and with Brexit front of mind, the recently published main party manifestos are perhaps not surprisingly light on content about the potential for the charity sector to offer solutions, despite the importance of charities to the economy and job creation.

The Cause4 Forecast for 2017

Last June, the Cause4 team pooled out collective ideas and perspectives in our post ‘The Reality of Brexit for the Charitable Sector’ and did our best to offer calm, collected views about what the referendum result meant for the future of charitable giving in the UK, and for the charitable sector itself. Now, six months and […]

Fundraising Review: the end of FRSB and the start of impossible expectations?


The Fundraising Review has created impossible expectations for charity fundraising and dismantles a basis to build on. If there is one thing that donors dislike more than being pestered by fundraisers, it’s seeing wasteful duplication and conflict in the charity sector. So it seems crazy that Sir Stuart Etherington’s recommendations on fundraising self-regulation will replace the current Fundraising Standards Board with a ructious copycat.

Community Sport – An Own Goal?

This Summer marks the third anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the promised legacy of a vast increase in people playing sport has not materialized. In fact, this year saw a decrease in numbers playing sport (a drop in 220,000 over the past six months according to recent figures released by Sport England). However, as a recent news story has shown, the government and other statutory authorities might be scoring an own goal in their attempts to increase participation.

Is road safety a blindspot in philanthropic activity?

“We shape our buildings; thereafter our buildings shape us.” What Churchill said of parliament, he could have said of our roads. How we arrange our streets directs our lives in ways that we seldom realise – until it becomes a matter of life and death.

Implications of the Sustainable Development Goals

It has been fifteen years since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were introduced and since that time, huge strides have been made in closing the development gap. However, as times change, there is a need to adjust the way that we approach international development. As such, in 2015, the UN will replace the MDGs with revised Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What might the next government do for UK Sport?

With the outcome of the forthcoming General Election in the balance, the future of funding for many sectors remains uncertain. This is certainly the case for sport within the UK, both at grassroots and elite levels. Whilst we await the outcome of the election, Cause4 asks what has the current government done to help safeguard and improve sport in the UK and what does the next five years look like for the sector?