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Cause4′s Pick of the Month

Welcome to our July picks, celebrating our monthly pick for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business Leaders and Fundraising Fellows. We’re delighted to announce a new selection of those people who we think deserve recognition for their immense contributions to the sector!   Entrepreneur of the Month Cause4 is delighted to announce that our Entrepreneur of the Month […]

The best way to support small charities – #BeATrustee – at least that’s what we think!

At Cause4, we run the Trustee Leadership Programme, encouraging over 500 people a year to become Trustees – and our own team are testament to that. Ahead of the excellent Small Charity Week (June 18-23), here are our team’s stories of being Trustees, and why we think it’s important: Michelle: For the last three years […]

How Becoming A Charity Trustee Can Boost Your Career

Article posted originally on MinuteHack, 11 Dec 2017  Becoming a charity trustee isn’t just for people who’ve been there, done that. It could help younger people get a leg up the career ladder. One in four of the UK’s smaller charities – and one in five larger charities – are struggling to survive.  They need […]

Capitalise on youth turnout to create social change

Can the changing face of politics shake up charitable involvement? As in 2016, this year has been no stranger to a political shake-up. With young people having discovered the power of the ballot box and contributing to June’s unexpected General Election result – their participation in the snap election was the highest for 25 years […]

Trustee Diversity: it’s time for action

  This year’s Wimbledon headlines had more to discuss than the early departure of our British players. Andy Murray’s correction of the journalist who forgot Serena Williams’ 12 Grand Slam wins[1] brought renewed attention to the casual gender inequalities that linger in the sport. As issues of diversity and representation get more airtime, we in […]

Is your Board on board?

One thing that has grabbed my attention since I started working in the charity sector four years ago is the lack of understanding at Board level about the importance of fundraising. Yes, there are thousands of charities out there whose success is admired across the world, but there are also organisations whose own Trustees don’t seem […]

The Cause4 Forecast for 2017

Last June, the Cause4 team pooled out collective ideas and perspectives in our post ‘The Reality of Brexit for the Charitable Sector’ and did our best to offer calm, collected views about what the referendum result meant for the future of charitable giving in the UK, and for the charitable sector itself. Now, six months and […]