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Cause4′s Pick of the Month

Welcome to our July picks, celebrating our monthly pick for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business Leaders and Fundraising Fellows. We’re delighted to announce a new selection of those people who we think deserve recognition for their immense contributions to the sector!   Entrepreneur of the Month Cause4 is delighted to announce that our Entrepreneur of the Month […]

Cause4′s Pick of the Month

At Cause4, we are all about celebrating successful individuals to share their talents and innovative ideas with as many people as possible. As part of this, we decided to dedicate a blog to those people we feel have gone above and beyond. Each month we will be sharing our top picks for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business […]

Finding Clarity in the Cloudy Third Sector

Are charities losing their value in a rapidly growing network of social enterprises? In recent years, a range of new business models for social benefit have emerged, including ‘Community Interest Companies’ (CICs) and ‘B Corporations’, which, for some, challenges the perception of what it might mean to be a registered charity or whether this model […]

The Cause4 Forecast for 2017

Last June, the Cause4 team pooled out collective ideas and perspectives in our post ‘The Reality of Brexit for the Charitable Sector’ and did our best to offer calm, collected views about what the referendum result meant for the future of charitable giving in the UK, and for the charitable sector itself. Now, six months and […]

Should Charities Commit to Crowdfunding?

A recent report by Nesta seeks to understand the opportunities and challenges in crowdfunding for good causes. The research surveyed more than 450 charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs on their perceptions, awareness and usage of crowdfunding.1 Crowdfunding projects can be hugely popular, giving power to the people. Even apparently niche campaigns, such as a […]

Brexit: Implications for Social Enterprises and Charities

On June 23, the UK will hold a vote on whether to remain in the European Union or to vote for ‘Brexit’ (British exit). As such businesses, organisations, NGOs and individuals are now considering the potential impact that a Brexit would have. This blog looks specifically at the implications of Brexit for charities and social enterprises.

Start a business and save the world – is social enterprise thriving?

Whoever says that you cannot start a business to make money and help make the world around you a better place is clearly living in the past. The phrases Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship have become fixed in our lexicon and they are here to stay. With a more globalised world around us, we are more interconnected and interdependent than ever.

Borrowing from the Sharing Economy

Taxi-sharing app Uber is currently running an initiative with Save the Children entitled UberGiving, to help collect donated items for refugees. On Wednesday 9th September 2015, the firm have offered to pay for taxis to collect clothing, homeware, toys, music and film donations, which will then be driven to participating Save the Children charity shops either to be sold, or sent directly to refugees. This inspired partnership has made me wonder whether not-for-profit organisations could learn any lessons from the sharing economy in terms of locating or accessing resources, or whether more of the sharing companies themselves could be open to partnership opportunities such as this to feed into their CSR policies.