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Small Charity, Big Impact Day 2018: Cotswold Friends

Small Charity week is a chance for us to celebrate those small local charities making a difference to their communities. Having spent some of my childhood living in a rural Gloucestershire village, I thought it would be a great opportunity to promote one charity that is helping those who feel isolated, lonely and in much […]

Small Charity Fundraising: Why Size Really Doesn’t Matter

There are more than 145,000 charities registered with the Charity Commission that have an income under £500,000 each year. The annual income of these charities only accounts for about 10% of the income of the sector as a whole, but the impact that they have is phenomenal and punches well above their financial weight. Small charities are […]

The best way to support small charities – #BeATrustee – at least that’s what we think!

At Cause4, we run the Trustee Leadership Programme, encouraging over 500 people a year to become Trustees – and our own team are testament to that. Ahead of the excellent Small Charity Week (June 18-23), here are our team’s stories of being Trustees, and why we think it’s important: Michelle: For the last three years […]