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Grenfell: A Monument to Injustice, A Symbol of Human Solidarity

Remembering the charities that support our emergency services On the 14th June 2017, London awoke to see a billowing cloud of smoke rising into the morning sky. As the news of the 129-home tower block’s fire swept across the world, the scale of the tragedy slowly emerged: 72 men, women and very young children perished […]

International aid cash transfers – an effective tool for independence, or a waste of British taxpayers’ money?

Entwined with the history of imperialism is how richer countries give money to poorer countries – something they have been doing in various ways since the 19th century.[1] People usually think of international giving as programmes or aid goods packages, however a growing trend is appearing to complement or replace these interventions – cash transfers. […]

Break it Down: How Charities Approach the Insurmountable

It’s so easy to dwell, in difficult times, on the negatives. The current news cycle has seen bad news item after bad news item: without wanting to be melodramatic, it feels like the sky is falling down. If you’re an optimist, your immediate response may be to try and find a silver lining. Positive thinking is a powerful thing, however unless it is coupled with action, it cannot affect real change.

Charities Aid Foundation UK Giving 2015 Report

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has recently published its latest 2015 UK Giving Report, which acts as a great temperature-check for charitable giving in the UK As always, there are some essential facts and figures for everyone to factor into their fundraising strategies.

Fundraising Review: the end of FRSB and the start of impossible expectations?

The Fundraising Review has created impossible expectations for charity fundraising and dismantles a basis to build on. If there is one thing that donors dislike more than being pestered by fundraisers, it’s seeing wasteful duplication and conflict in the charity sector. So it seems crazy that Sir Stuart Etherington’s recommendations on fundraising self-regulation will replace the current Fundraising Standards Board with a ructious copycat.

Back to School: What’s a Degree Good For?

The Arts Fundraising Fellows are at the University of Leeds’ Summer School as part of their Post-Graduate Certificate in Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy. GCSE results came out last week, and the previous week was A Levels, and over the past two months many undergraduates will have received their final grades and gowned up for graduation ceremonies. It seems like an appropriate moment to ask, are universities useful and relevant for the workplace? And more fundamentally, is that even what we should expect of them?

Building Blocks for Charitable Giving to Arts & Cultural Organisations

The latest statistics from the DCMS’s Taking Part Survey, published in June 2015, contain worrying information on trends in volunteering and charitable giving related to the ‘DCMS sectors’, which include arts, culture, heritage and sport. However, they also indicate some positive trends that arts & cultural charities can build upon as they seek to strengthen their relationships with the public over the coming year.