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Exploring the World of Sports Stars’ Charities

The UK’s charity sector is complemented by an increasing number of Foundations established by sports stars. The variety of these Foundations reflects the diversity, success and charitable spirit of today’s UK athletes. Over the years, there have been notable successes, including The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, which provides opportunities for disadvantaged young people and recorded […]

Are single-donor museums the solution to private giving of art?

Recent articles from the American publication Inside Philanthropy show a growth in single-donor private museums in the US. Whilst art collection-come-museums are nothing new, it is surprising to read that 80% of all single-donor museums were created in the 21st century. This change from the old partnerships between donors and private collectors with public museums […]

In Support of #GivingTuesday

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as today marks the UK’s 3rd #givingtuesday; the internationally celebrated day of giving that sees people across the world coming together to make a difference. Giving Tuesday has become a staple in our diary, partly in response to the rampant commercialisation and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season.  The movement […]

Break it Down: How Charities Approach the Insurmountable

It’s so easy to dwell, in difficult times, on the negatives. The current news cycle has seen bad news item after bad news item: without wanting to be melodramatic, it feels like the sky is falling down. If you’re an optimist, your immediate response may be to try and find a silver lining. Positive thinking is a powerful thing, however unless it is coupled with action, it cannot affect real change.

An interview with Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent

The Centre for Philanthropy was founded in 2008 and is one the UK’s leading centres for philanthropy research, teaching and public engagement. I was delighted to be able to interview Dr Beth Breeze, the Director of the Centre, in March 2016. Beth worked as a fundraiser and charity manager for a decade before completing a doctoral thesis on contemporary UK philanthropy.

The Queen – 10 surprising facts in 90 years of charitable patronage

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty – the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday today, 21st April. At 90 years of age, the Queen is showing no signs of stopping just yet, and her charitable patronage over the years is formidable by many standards, longevity not least of them! Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn quipped in the Commons today that the Queen has “seen off” 12 Prime Ministers.

3 tips for Legacy Giving to the Arts

On 16th March 2016, the South West Fellows were lucky enough to be able to attend a training session with the development team at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO). With a varied and remarkable history, the BSO is the only major symphony orchestra in the UK which is not based in a major city. It takes world-class performances and education projects across the South and South West of England, covering an area of over 10,000 square miles.

Four lessons: How the Städel Museum in Frankfurt inspired a whole city to fundraise

As a native Berliner my curiosity for fundraising practices in my home country is somewhat self-evident. In the minds of many, Germany will not be equated with game changing fundraising, not least because public support for the arts has traditionally been strong in the land of poets and thinkers. However, in recent years fundraising in Germany has undergone steady change. In this blog, I’d like to review the state of fundraising in the Republic and introduce lessons from an award-winning campaign by the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.