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Cause4′s Pick of the Month

At Cause4, we are all about celebrating successful individuals to share their talents and innovative ideas with as many people as possible. As part of this, we decided to dedicate a blog to those people we feel have gone above and beyond. Each month we will be sharing our top picks for Entrepreneurs, Trustees, Business […]

Women! Want to get Ahead in Business? Become a Trustee…

Emily small

This week we are celebrating the valiant and tireless work of Trustees across the country. To me, the word ‘Trustee’ has very old fashioned connotations, often associated with older generations. However, I think we are missing a trick. The potential value of becoming a Trustee is huge, and one that women in particular should seriously consider.

Looking through the gender lens – impact investing for women and girls


Last week a few of the female members of the Cause4 team headed to ‘Giving Voice to Wise Women’, an event hosted by Maurice Turnor Gardner law firm. Two wise women with differing approaches stood before us and convinced the (overwhelmingly female) audience of the importance of investing in, by and for women and girls to drive social change, and talked us through the ways in which they personally invest.

Take a break: how I learned to relax and reboot

Communications regulator Ofcom released research this month to show that UK adults spend more time on media devices than they do sleeping. An average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day. This “constantly on” approach can mean we never give ourselves time to properly relax, leading to higher stress levels and burnout

An Evening with Maggie Berry

Last night Cause4 was delighted to welcome Maggie Berry, Executive Director of WEConnect Europe to speak to us at our Spitalfields offices. Maggie gave an invaluable insight into the impact that networking has had on furthering her career and gave us some great advice into how we should all look to improve our networking skills to get ahead.

Single, female and under 30? You’re the top choice for a job abroad

This article was originally written for The Guardian. There was positive news recently for ambitious women seeking business roles abroad. A new report by Expacare, an international health insurance company, outlines that business leaders view those most suited to international work as single, female, with good selling networking skills, a foreign language and preferably aged in […]

Women leading the way…

On Saturday 8th March the world marked International Women’s Day. Events took place all over the globe, with Google dedicating their ‘doodle’ to the occasion and modern day feminist, Beyonce Knowles, posting an International Women’s Day video on Youtube. Here at Cause4, we are celebrating women around the world by recognising just a few who […]