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Party manifestos ignore the potential of the charity sector

As the snap 8 June 2017 election draws near, and with Brexit front of mind, the recently published main party manifestos are perhaps not surprisingly light on content about the potential for the charity sector to offer solutions, despite the importance of charities to the economy and job creation.

The Cause4 Forecast for 2017

Last June, the Cause4 team pooled out collective ideas and perspectives in our post ‘The Reality of Brexit for the Charitable Sector’ and did our best to offer calm, collected views about what the referendum result meant for the future of charitable giving in the UK, and for the charitable sector itself. Now, six months and […]

Philanthropy in Business – An Interview with Chirag Golwala, Founder & CEO of Let’s Travel Services

In today’s world, philanthropy is almost demanded of the wealthy in the same way that socially responsible behaviour is expected of companies. With such deep-rooted inequality, society is increasingly expectant that large sums of wealth are directed to help serve a public good. I recently spoke with Chirag Golwala, Founder and CEO of TripCenter.NET and […]

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Responsible, Purposeful Business

Certified B Corporations must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. Cause4 and the ninety-six other UK businesses that have achieved B Corporation status must consider the impact of their decisions. This requires looking beyond shareholders to their stakeholders, including workers, suppliers, consumers and also the community and the environment. B Lab, the non-profit […]

Break it Down: How Charities Approach the Insurmountable

It’s so easy to dwell, in difficult times, on the negatives. The current news cycle has seen bad news item after bad news item: without wanting to be melodramatic, it feels like the sky is falling down. If you’re an optimist, your immediate response may be to try and find a silver lining. Positive thinking is a powerful thing, however unless it is coupled with action, it cannot affect real change.

Brexit: Implications for Social Enterprises and Charities

On June 23, the UK will hold a vote on whether to remain in the European Union or to vote for ‘Brexit’ (British exit). As such businesses, organisations, NGOs and individuals are now considering the potential impact that a Brexit would have. This blog looks specifically at the implications of Brexit for charities and social enterprises.

Growing with events: 3 tips for small charities and businesses

I recently attended one of Eventbrite’s panel discussions, “Lead Generation in Real Life: A Practical Guide to Building Your Business with Events”.

A quick show of hands revealed that most people there were small business owners. It was great to see so many and such a diverse crowd.

Here are my top four takeaways for small charities and businesses.