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Small Enterprises Tackling Big Issues

Long gone are the days of technocratic approaches and top down organisations and governments leading the way in international innovation. Now is the time of the new, the small, the grassroots. The exciting, the innovative, the flexible. Now is the time of the start-up. Some may grow exponentially, some may stay small, but no matter […]

Creating shared value: the case for CSR

by Addison Peers-Johnson Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is getting paid a lot of lip-service. So much lip-service, in fact, that companies are even finding it necessary to specify in their marketing materials that their CSR policy isn’t simply a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Mark Goyder’s report for Tomorrow’s Company, for example, describes this common kind of approach […]

Philanthropy in Business – An Interview with Chirag Golwala, Founder & CEO of Let’s Travel Services

In today’s world, philanthropy is almost demanded of the wealthy in the same way that socially responsible behaviour is expected of companies. With such deep-rooted inequality, society is increasingly expectant that large sums of wealth are directed to help serve a public good. I recently spoke with Chirag Golwala, Founder and CEO of TripCenter.NET and […]

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Responsible, Purposeful Business

Certified B Corporations must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. Cause4 and the ninety-six other UK businesses that have achieved B Corporation status must consider the impact of their decisions. This requires looking beyond shareholders to their stakeholders, including workers, suppliers, consumers and also the community and the environment. B Lab, the non-profit […]

Should charities be allowed to pass on the information of their donors?

Have you ever donated money to charity? Do you remember the opt-in option at the bottom of the page that required a tick from you in order for the charity to be allowed to share your personal information with other organisations? Have you ever ticked yes? Well by the end of this blog you might think twice the next time you come across this option.

Borrowing from the Sharing Economy

Taxi-sharing app Uber is currently running an initiative with Save the Children entitled UberGiving, to help collect donated items for refugees. On Wednesday 9th September 2015, the firm have offered to pay for taxis to collect clothing, homeware, toys, music and film donations, which will then be driven to participating Save the Children charity shops either to be sold, or sent directly to refugees. This inspired partnership has made me wonder whether not-for-profit organisations could learn any lessons from the sharing economy in terms of locating or accessing resources, or whether more of the sharing companies themselves could be open to partnership opportunities such as this to feed into their CSR policies.

Giving is the New Black: The Real Statement of a Statement Piece

As much as we hate to admit it, what we choose to wear says something about who we are. The simple act of waking up and putting clothes on your back inevitably broadcasts something about your character: whether you’re wearing a suit and tie or shorts and flip-flops, it tells people what you do, where you’re going, what kind of person you are – and we’ve never been more direct about it.

An Evening With… Susanna Winter

Recently, as the latest of our An Evening With programme, Cause4 was delighted to welcome Susanna Winter, Head of CSR at Baker & McKenzie to talk to us about her role. She touched on her career, her responsibilities, and interesting changes in the sector.