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Daily Update: Going for Gold?

As Cause4 works with sports, cultural and London community charities, the run-up to this summer’s Olympics was always going to be eventful. However, the latest fundraising initiative to be associated with the Games is rather more dubious than Locog – or charities and fundraisers – would have hoped. As part of the torch relay to […]

Daily Update: Philanthropy Past, Present and Future

By Nick Gandon Yesterday the Bulldog Trust, which gives financial and advisory assistance to many charities and donors, hosted a highly engaging symposium on the state of philanthropy in the rather splendid surrounds of Two Temple Place. Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Chairman of the Philanthropy Review and Chief Executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care, chaired a wide-ranging […]

Daily Update: Hubs and Spokes

Last week, the Arts Council announced the members of the new national network of 122 Music Hubs. Since then, there has been widespread praise for the move to hub-based music provision, as part of the implementation of the National Plan for Music Education. The Federation of Music Services led the response, saying: “Leadership by Music […]

Philanthropist of the Month: David Hockney

In a reminder of what is at stake in the controversy about tax relief for donors, The Sunday Times Rich List showed that donations from the UK’s top 100 philanthropists has risen by 13% in the last year, to £1.89 billion. And, in a change from previous years, the Giving List of wealthy donors is […]

Daily Update: Getting celebrity philanthropy right

This week’s New Yorker featured an extensive article on the growing trend in Hollywood for celebrity philanthropy, one which holds lessons for philanthropists everywhere. The central character of the piece was Trevor Neilson, founder of Global Philanthropy Group, whose clients include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, and Madonna. The good news is that celebrities’ […]

Social enterprise versus Public service – a force for good?

By Ed Saunders There has been much talk of late, about the ability of social enterprises to provide services for the public sector. This discussion has been most noticeably focussed on the provision of healthcare services, and many leading politicians have been vocal in their support for social enterprises being contracted by the NHS and […]

Daily Update: Cuts threaten training

By Ed Saunders Here at Cause4, we know the importance of efficiency in charities. Especially in charities that are in the process of growing from small to medium sized organisations, organisational efficiency can be overlooked due to a focus on the ‘purpose’ of the charity. Whilst charities are not businesses, and we should never lose […]

Kony, Social Media and Charities’ Responsibilities

By Sarah Dundas Without jumping on the bandwagon – the recent ‘Kony 2012’ viral campaign by the American charity ‘Invisible Children’ has certainly given me food for thought.  Having been aware of the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda for a number of years, it initially seemed decidedly positive to witness […]