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How Becoming A Charity Trustee Can Boost Your Career

Article posted originally on MinuteHack, 11 Dec 2017  Becoming a charity trustee isn’t just for people who’ve been there, done that. It could help younger people get a leg up the career ladder. One in four of the UK’s smaller charities – and one in five larger charities – are struggling to survive.  They need […]

Party manifestos ignore the potential of the charity sector

As the snap 8 June 2017 election draws near, and with Brexit front of mind, the recently published main party manifestos are perhaps not surprisingly light on content about the potential for the charity sector to offer solutions, despite the importance of charities to the economy and job creation.

Cause4 reflects on some of the year’s charity Christmas campaigns!

The Christmas period is an exciting time for charities to fundraise as more people feel compelled by the generous festive spirit to give to various causes. Every year we see countless charities making the most out of this precious period by launching festive campaigns and holding all sorts of creative and Christmassy fundraising events.

Mentoring – it’s not so easy…

There are many schemes offering business mentoring for new enterprises. It seems that mentoring is the new buzzword and that everyone wants to be a mentor – but is it as easy as it seems?

Are our charities hounding pensioners to death?

This weekend more and more stories have emerged questioning the fundraising solicitation tactics of some of the larger charities. The story of Bristol-based Olive Cooke, the 92 year old who allegedly committed suicide because of charities pursuing her for money, is damning indeed. Charities implicated such as Amnesty International, Save the Children and the Alzheimer’s Society have insisted that their actions were not to blame for Olive’s death. But many of her family have accused the charities of exploiting the poppy seller; with allegations that she was receiving over 260 begging letters a month.

What strikes me though is not that this news is shocking, but that it has taken so long for these stories to emerge….

What’s in a Network

A network of generous people, which grows the more you share, is invaluable to anyone wanting to get ahead. I recently came across a classic study on ‘Getting a job’ by Mark Granovetter where he found that 56% of people found a job through their personal connections, whereas only 18.8% found a new role through an advert alone.