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Should charities be allowed to pass on the information of their donors?

Have you ever donated money to charity? Do you remember the opt-in option at the bottom of the page that required a tick from you in order for the charity to be allowed to share your personal information with other organisations? Have you ever ticked yes? Well by the end of this blog you might think twice the next time you come across this option.

Customer Service Matters in the Charity Sector

Living in an extremely fast paced developing world, customer requirements are getting more and more demanding, with expectations increasing and competition rising. This means that customer choices are continuously expanding as industries develop. Like businesses, charities also need to continue to strive for high standards of customer service in order to build strong relationships with their audiences, beneficiaries and donor networks.

Is Conscious Capitalism a future trend?

The multimillionaire Curtis James Jackson (50 cent) is famous for his musical career and surviving a shooting despite being hit by nine bullets. Perhaps he is less commonly known for his entrepreneurial investing, but in 2011 he embarked on a mission to feed 1 billion people in Africa by 2016.