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How much should we give to charity?

What is required to be a “good person”? Is it necessary to give to charity, and if so, how much? While each individual will have a different answer to this question, social norms will influence what we perceive to be required to live a moral life. I want to argue that, in our society, there is scope to raise the bar.

An Evening With James Whiting, Executive Director, Malaria No More UK

Last week, Cause4 was delighted to welcome James Whiting to its offices as part of ‘An Evening With’, a series of monthly talks by professionals and leaders in the charitable sector. James has been the Executive Director of Malaria No More UK for the past three years. He has had a fascinating career to date, having transitioned from law to the charity sector and worked at organisations including Hope and Homes for Children, the New Economics Foundation and Friends of the Earth.

Fundraising from Individual Donors – Top Tips

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to individual fundraising. Cause4 has worked with a wide range of organisations, from the English National Opera to The Reading Agency, and the optimum strategy is very different in each case. We do however have a number of top tips for achieving more through individual fundraising that we believe many different organisations can learn from. Read about our top five tips in this blog.

Give money, not books

Today is International Book Giving Day – an initiative to encourage people worldwide to give a book to a child. Illiteracy is a significant problem globally: 25.9% of the world’s over-15 population is illiterate, of whom 66% are women and 75% are concentrated in ten countries (India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, and the DRC).

As illiteracy is predominantly a problem in the developing world, today is a good opportunity to take a look at book giving in that context: what is the impact of giving books, and what can we do to help increase literacy rates? This blog post is heavily inspired by Michael Hobbes’ excellent article in the New Republic.

Using Facts to Create Change – An Evening With Stephen Bediako

Last week, Cause4 was delighted to welcome Stephen Bediako to its offices as part of ‘An Evening With’, a series of monthly talks by professionals and leaders connected with the charitable sector. Stephen is Founder and Managing Director of The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP), an advisory social business helping charities, funders and government to use evaluation and innovation to tackle social inequality effectively. He is also Co-Director of Project Oracle, London’s first children and youth evidence hub. He is an analyst, strategist, and evaluator with 10 years of government and consulting experience.

An interview with WeiHsi Hu, Director of Logical Thinking

WeiHsi Hu is the Director of Logical Thinking, a consultancy supporting charities to undertake research and evaluation to better understand the needs of their communities and the impact of their work. It also helps charities to develop effective programmes and facilitates training. He has 17 years of experience of working with a wide range of charities and specialises in qualitative research and engagement strategies for youth. He is currently Guest Lecturer of Research Methodologies at the Bedfordshire University School of Business and Systems.