Who We Are

About Cause4

Cause4 is a social enterprise and B-Corporation launched in May 2009 to support charities, social enterprises and philanthropists in development and fundraising across the charity, arts, sports and educational sectors in the UK and internationally.

Cause4 champions disruptive philanthropy and new ways of scaling up charities and social enterprises. Learning lessons from the private sector to benefit not-for-profit organisations, Cause4 helps attract the best graduate talent to work on some of the world’s most pressing issues.  Provoking change is at the heart of our mission.

A thriving corporate portfolio means that we are increasingly engaged to run CSR programmes for organisations such as Close Brothers and Santander and to advise and lead the set up of Corporate Foundations.

Since 2009, we have raised over £54 million for the clients with which we work. We have raised over £12.5 million for client capital campaigns, and the average amount we have raised for long-term clients (12 months or more) is £900,000.

We work in three main areas: strategy, fundraising and social investment, philanthropy and enterprise development. We specialise in brokering and delivering effective partnerships and collaborations across the charitable sector.

Our work is increasingly international and we have developing hubs in Amsterdam and New York, with a thriving portfolio in international development and specific links with the tech community in Silicon Valley in developing catalytic philanthropy.

Our aim is to be a modernising influence and leader within the charitable sector, creating pioneering and enterprising programmes and fundraising solutions at a time when new approaches are much needed.

Our approach

We believe that the principles of development and fundraising go hand in hand. Our experience tells us that the challenges surrounding income generation are often more obviously rooted in the development of effective policies, partnerships and programmes. Therefore, our approach is to focus on innovation at an organisational, partnership and programme development level, where successful fundraising can follow.

Our clients

We work with long-established national charities that wish to re-evaluate their approach to development, with corporate foundations and individual philanthropists, as well as with smaller local charities and social enterprises in their infancy.

Achieving success for those that engage us is our prime concern. We speak in plain language, we work hard and provide excellent value. As such, our fees are highly competitive and flexible to suit the requirements of those charities and social enterprises with whom we work.

Innovation and new models

Cause4 is an enterprise incubator, providing training and support to help people succeed in important charitable projects, innovative businesses and social enterprises, and to raise vital funds.

In 2010 Cause4 developed the Entrepreneurship training programme to address the widely-acknowledged talent shortage in this area. The programme identifies young graduates with a passion for the charitable sector and with the entrepreneurial drive, personality and talent to succeed.

The Entrepreneurship programme has led to new graduate training initiatives for the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama Creative Entrepreneurs programme, as well as new investment in apprenticeships and school-leaver training. We have supported over 80 graduates into careers across the charity sector in recent years.

Another key innovation saw the launch of Cause4’s Philanthropy Service. This service works with top artists, sportspeople and entrepreneurs, as a professional, one-stop shop to create new programmes and grow charitable giving. Through effective fundraising it enables individuals to at least triple their investment.