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Michelle writes for The Huffington Post – Why Are We So Afraid of Failure as UK Entrepreneurs?


I’ve been thinking a lot about failure recently. Over the years, I shudder to think about how much time I have wasted worrying about whether I have failed a test or haven’t done ‘well enough’. And when I did fail something, like my first driving test for example, it undoubtedly only served to make me a better driver in the end. The angst of worrying about the failure was pointless.

Michelle writes an article for Arts Professional – New York and Death of Klinghoffer


So who says that nobody is talking about opera? I recently attended the premiere of John Adams’ The Death of Klinghoffer at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Never before have I been present at an arts event amidst such protest. As the opera’s alleged anti-semitism took centre stage, armed security surrounded the beautiful Met theatre, and with many protestors both inside and outside the performance, it was a night at the opera unlike any other.

Michelle features in the Smarta Blog – Is there a definite turning point for entrepreneurial success?


If you’ve got an idea or have recently launched your own business, you’re probably wondering when you can take a step back and enjoy that sip of champagne. In honesty, there’s not a magic potion for success but there’s a number of steps you could follow to make the ride better! Here, O2 Smarta 100 winner Michelle Wright, founder and CEO of Cause4, gives her advice on the maximising your potential.