Daily Update: Just Giving £1 billion

Cause4 congratulates Just Giving on passing £1 billion in donations! 1.4 million fundraisers, and 20 million donors have raised the colossal sum for more than 13,000 charities in the last 10 years.  The website has become de rigeur for those raising money for worthwhile causes – the go-to place for marathon runners, sponsored skydivers and community projects, amongst many, many others.

The statistics gathered by the charity, through their unparalleled interaction with fundraising groups and individuals, are fascinating. Since 2002, 320,060 nautical miles have been swum in the name of charity (enough to swim the Channel 1,603 times), 75,933 marathons have been run (enough to run around the planet 80 times) and 6,610 couples have used the site to encourage wedding guests to make donations, not to give gifts.

It’s fantastic to see that over half of donors (53%) are aged under 40, with the largest age bracket being 26-30. However, we’ve got some catching up to do, chaps –female philanthropists pip generous gents by 53% to 47%. London is also trailblazing when it comes to giving – a staggering 39.58% of donations coming from the capital (more than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined).

The charity has served to show that internet giving really is the way forward for a lot of people – nearly 2 million sheets of paper have been saved in paper sponsorship forms in the ten years the charity has been operating.

The number of donations made through JustGiving equates to one in every two people in Britain making a donation. Are you one of the one in two who isn’t? Let’s change that! JustGiving have done an amazing job, but have set a challenge – let’s see them raise the next billion in under ten years time! We’d love to hear your thoughts – get in touch!

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