Daily Update: Cuts threaten training

By Ed Saunders

Here at Cause4, we know the importance of efficiency in charities. Especially in charities that are in the process of growing from small to medium sized organisations, organisational efficiency can be overlooked due to a focus on the ‘purpose’ of the charity. Whilst charities are not businesses, and we should never lose sight of their aims, often the best way to ensure that the charitable purpose is achieved with the greatest possible impact is to look inwards; to focus on training individuals and clarifying organisational structure so that workers’ abilities can be fully harnessed.

A report carried out by capacity-building charity Lasa shows that charity workers fear cuts to training budgets will harm their ability to deliver services. The report, published on Tuesday, and based on an online survey of 446 charity professionals in the UK, shows 86% of charity employees think that the quality of support and advice that they can deliver will deteriorate in the next decade, as a result of a lack of training opportunities, as charities make cuts in difficult economic times.

Terry Stokes, Lasa’s chief executive, commented that “It’s important that in times of austerity third sector leaders do not overlook the need to make provision for training and developing their most important asset, their staff.” Many clearly feel that this message cannot be emphasised to charity management too much, with 67% of respondents in the survey saying that training and professional development is ‘absolutely necessary’ for their jobs, and an overwhelming majority (of nearly 75%) complaining that budget cuts mean that they already cannot get access to necessary training.

Do you feel that budget cuts mean you cannot work to the best of your ability? Or are they a necessary evil when money is short for everyone? We want to hear your views – get in touch!


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