Innovation in giving – An update for 2012

Since the launch of the Government’s ‘Giving’ white paper back in May 2011, Cause4 has been keeping a keen eye out for innovations that encourage ‘giving’ to become more mainstream, whilst benefiting grass roots charities and social enterprises. Some of the best examples we have seen are those which have been recently selected by the Innovation in Giving Fund which has just made the first of its awards (totalling £10 million). We would like to shine a spotlight on our favourites from the chosen few:

  • BlueDot: a new social currency that rewards people with exclusive celebrity products and work experience, for doing good things such as volunteering, donating or liking non-profits on Facebook; all of which then add up to a shareable ‘good CV’.
  • Hackney Shares: a borough-wide timebank network for the exchange of time and resources for people and organisations, facilitated by an online platform.
  • The Good Gym: a community enterprise that connects people who want to get fit, with physical tasks that need to be done and which benefit the community.
  • an online social gifting platform that makes donating to charity an integral part of organising a celebration or special occasion.
  • a crowd-funding platform that enables people with great business ideas, that might just change the world, to raise funding and gain public support, from the makers of River Cottage and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight.

Although not yet an entrant to the innovation in giving scheme, my colleague Ben Wilson has had a blinding idea that looks to make everyday giving more interesting by creating a social enterprise lottery. Only at concept stage – it would work on the principle that any online/text/pennie/app donation made (above a ceiling amount) would provide a code that enters you into a daily draw and offer the chance to win a small cash prize (which could be reinvested back to the charity).

Barclays has launched a mobile app which will enable consumers to send money via their phones and could introduce a new way for donors to give to charities. The banking giant’s launch of the Pingit app means that Barclays customers, and, in March, all consumers with a mobile phone and UK bank account can make contactless, cardless, cashless payments to other holders of UK bank accounts and mobile phone numbers.The ability of consumers to make instantaneous, secure payments of up to £300 by using the app could have significant impacts on charities once the technology becomes widely adopted. Fundraisers may be able to use the service for face-to-face fundraising, events or direct response marketing and emergencies.

Have you come across any other innovative giving ideas that we should highlight? Let us know!

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