Update: Cause4 in Top Ten of the Future 100

Following the good news on Wednesday that Cause4 Director and co-founder Michelle Wright had won a Future 100 Award for innovative social enterprise, Cause4 has even better news today – at Thursday’s Future 100 Awards ceremony, Michelle was named as one of the top ten young social entrepreneurs.

It is fantastic to have this recognition of Cause4’s transformative approach to fundraising and of our impressive growth. It also means Michelle is part of a select group of upcoming business people to be supported by Ernst & Young’s Accelerate training programme, which augurs well for our future organisational development.

The mixture of energetic, imaginative young business people present at last night’s ceremony was an encouraging sign for the strength of the social enterprise field. It was a timely celebration of how many businesses now show enough vision to commit to a “triple bottom line” to measure how their activities affect profit, people and planet. And we are especially proud to have stood out as one of the top ten enterprises in such a vibrant sector.

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